"I’m struggling to find my story in this library called life. I’m stuck in the self help section on the third floor reading the lines “things could be worse” over and over again."

Who’s the author of this story? (via inksoakedpaper)

"Don’t you dare
Tell me I’m perfect
If I’m not good enough
To make you want to stay."

"Somebody with a victim mentality believe life has screwed them over. Somebody with a victim mentality blames everybody else or “them” but takes no responsibility themselves.
This is the quicksand of life. Once you have become a victim, you may very well remain a victim for the rest of your life. Taking the responsibility, no action, and, as a result, seeing no change for the better.
The truth is that nobody is owed an apology for anything. Apologies are lovely when they happen. But they change nothing. They do not reverse actions or correct damage. They are merely nice to hear.
…. Avoid self-pity by taking responsibility for everything that happens to you, even if somebody else is at fault. By taking responsibility, I don’t mean play doormat. I mean, repair yourself. Move forward. Move on. Then, only then, see if you can wrangle some empathy.
Most of us have love in our lives. Most of us love other people and are ourselves loved by others.
But make no mistake: you are alone in the world. You were born alone, even if you were born conjoined. And you die alone, unable to bring a single person with you."

Augusten Burroughs “This Is How”, pages 58-59 (via missbritjade)


I have gone through a few slight unfortunate events in the 17 years of my life, but it’s not over. I am not “privileged” or “disabled” or any more better or worse because of the events that carried out in my life.

I am not a victim. I am a human being. I refuse to hide my fears and go through life blind because I may be “triggered”.

Stop playing the victim and do something about it.